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Благодарственное письмо для DENAIR воздушного компрессора

Название проекта: Автомобильный завод в Бангкоке в Таиланде

Название проекта: 22KW 30HP комбинированный винтовой воздушный компрессор с рефрижераторным осушителем, ресивером и воздушными фильтрами.

Модель и количество: DNA-15LG x 1

Срок службы: С декабря 2015 до сих пор

10-го августа, 2016г. команда DENAIR была приятно удивлена и тронута благодарственным письмом от клиентаJohn Guest в Тайланде.


Dear Michael,

I have now bought two of your package screw compressors with integrated dryers mounted skid style on the receivers.

These machines’s service air to two special pieces of manufacturing equipment which will not tolerate water in the units system.

To date we have had no issues with these units, they are simple to operate and efficient and turn out good quality air.

The machines are of a very high assembly quality, they are a pleasure to look at and to work on in general service. We did buy two years spare parts at time of purchase as recommended by your customer service.

The machines arrived at our plant in good order the packaging was, excellent we had no complaints at all.

The most outstanding performer was your customer service “Rainbow” she was diligent in processing the order keeping us updated throughout. We had a weather delay and the ship could not sail, my import team were notified immediately and updated daily as to progress, she can work for me anytime.

It would appear that you have an excellent team; I also have built my company around my people and believe they are my strength.

Yours Sincerely,
John Guest


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